High Blood Pressure

At least some of the work is getting done, we now have our privacy, and the wall around the \’patio\’ has been lowered slightly, but it appears that Planning intend to let  Enimigo keep the extra room on the Third floor, even though it is illegal.

How they can let him use the place for human habitation, when it doesn\’t even have a septic tank, I guess, his wallet did the talking, and unless  the Department Urbanistica decide to proceed, which I doubt, what we have now is what we will have to live with.

To be honest, my main concern was privacy, the rest just wound me up because of who was involved.

Today did my blood pressure, no good because the Urchin from the apartment, was intentionally being careless, despite them having put a net across the garage roof for \’protection\’, it really did nothing, he was breaking up brick and concrete, it was going everywhere, in the old pool, all over the parking area, I am convinced they chipped the paint on the door of the Montero, but I can\’t prove it, so I\’ll just have to stew! I have told Marcela, who has returned from work, that she can deal with them, when and if they decide to come and clean up.

I on the other hand, spent the fist part of the morning mopping out the old pool, after yet another storm last night, I can see me doing this on a regular basis until I can roof it, or find a pump that will remove all the water.

I then went to work out in the road, replacing the damaged wood along the kerb, and re concreting both ends, where vehicles have either tried to drive up onto the verge, or reversed into the rock I have trying to protect our entrance.

It had been too hot to work in the pool with the sun directly shining into the space, but by the time I had finished in the road, I was able to do a bit more removing grout, one more session should see one wall completed, I then need to remove any damaged tiles, and repair behind, before trying to insert replacements… that should be interesting.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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