Good News For A Change

It looks as if I am staying in Colombia for the time being, we had a message from my Accountant last night with good news, especially as I had been warned that my tax bill could be as much as $12.000.000 COP, suffice it to say, it is not zero like in previous years, butContinue reading “Good News For A Change”

The Medical Rounds

This morning was my appointment with my Doc, for my regular high blood pressure check up, that was fine, the exception being my weight, which although not excessive, he wants reduced, last time I saw him I promised to do all I could to bring it down, as a result, I cut out, rice, potatoes,Continue reading “The Medical Rounds”

Interesting Week!

I forgot to mention last week, there are some things… no that\’s not true, many things, I find strange here, and one is the way vaccinations are allotted! Marcela had gone for her tetanus injection last month, here you have a series of four, that then last you a lifetime (after the first the secondContinue reading “Interesting Week!”