Disappointed on two counts, firstly the Barbers shop opened again yesterday, so we shall have to see what if any problems present themselves. Secondly the manager of the Building Supplies store came to the gate yesterday afternoon, saying they wanted to change the windows in the side of the Barbers shop, and they needed me to remove the roofing panels I have blocked them off with. I was disappointed, because until recently I have had a good relationship with Daniel, but it appears that he is happy to be used as a lacky for his Brother, the druggie in the apartment, and his Boss.

I told him, that the covers were staying until the \’Audencia\’ with his Boss and the Town Hall, that we had a letter from the previous owner, signed by him and the Town hall saying the windows would be blocked, we had a report from the Planning Dept, to say that the windows in the Barbers and the apartment were illegal, and had to be bricked in, and I have a recording of a conversation with the Assessor from the Town Hall, again saying they all had to be bricked in, I was not therefore going to agree to new windows. Again, that word \’respect\’ was bandied about, so I told him that when they had respect for us, I would give the same, not before, and walked off.

I then had an idea that might diffuse the situation, but I wasn\’t going to say anything, until I had spoken with Marcela.

Provided the smaller of their two windows which looks directly onto the swimming pool was blocked with a minimum of glass bricks, so they had light, but nothing that opened, they could install a slatted window with privacy glass in the window overlooking the parking area, as long as there was security bars fitted, this has no visual line of sight into the workshop or anywhere but the parking area, so would not effect us.

When Marcela returned, I brought her up to speed, and she agreed, on the proviso that the Owner also ensured that the bikes parked outside the barbers did not block out entrance and exit, if they had more bikes, then they park at the Building supplies, not outside ours, also she wanted the Barbers spoken to with regard to their open hostility towards us.

So we went to talk to Daniel, only to find the Owner present, which was probably for the better, he agreed with our proposals, and the matter was left in his hands, the covers won\’t come off the windows, until they are ready to do the alterations.

This morning, I have done the final laquering of the desk top, once that has hardened, the top can be installed.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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