I spent this morning fitting the new desk top.

It went in without a glitch, I then screwed it in place from below, and cut and fit the aluminium strip joining the wing on the right.

Then it was a case of sorting out the Security Camera cables, which was a nightmare, I lost the pictures on the screen, and couldn\’t work out what the problem was, so sent a message to the Installer, but then almost immediately found another electrical adapter amongst the jungle of cables, which when connected… so sent another message!

That done, it was time to sort out all the other electrics, using the cable management holes, there was one problem another of the new double sockets wasn\’t working, and when I took it off the wall I found that like the other, it was damaged inside, fortunately I had kept all the old sockets when I changed them all with Henry a few years ago, they work, and are out of sight, so another has been put to use.

Cables all sorted and out of the way, room vacuumed and polished, everything in it\’s place

There are a couple of small jobs that need finishing off, but that\’s for another day,  I couldn\’t bring myself to disturb my little friend, who has laid claim to his new spot.

Now I just have to sort out and tidy the workshop, but again that\’s for another day, I don\’t want to overdo it! 😂

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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