The Hardest Part is Done!

Yesterday was painting, I stripped the walls of everything that was going to be in the way, and it certainly looked grubby!

The only thing I wasn\’t moving was the DVR for the security cameras, I had taken down the monitor, I wasn\’t leaving myself without some coverage.

I was about right in my assessment, it took me about an hour and a half to finish the painting itself, mainly because I had to use a trim brush, between the walls and wooden ceiling and around the windows and sockets, that took the time.

Once it was done it all looked bright and clean, and that just left me with everything to put back, and mop the floor!


Once the new desk top is installed, I will remove the floating shelf on the wall, and the DVR will go behind my computer monitor, all the wiring will then be out of sight, with the exception of the wall monitor.

Yesterday afternoon, I cleaned the new desk top, and gave it it\’s first coat of spray matt black, then this morning, after having taken the Dogs for their annual vaccinations, I cut the cable management holes in the desk top, and one recess for conduit to pass behind it.

I then gave the desk top, and the second wing another coat of matt black, spraying the holes at the same time.

Taken before final spray, to show the holes

I will give that 24hrs to harden, then start spraying the laquer, I am hoping to have the desk installed for the weekend, but we all know how my plans go!

The one consideration I had was the cable management holes because if I am not careful, the plywood will fray the cables, so, once I have  finsihed the top, I am going to line the inside of the holes with hot glue, which should leave a rubberised lining…everything quality done, but on the cheap!

I will be really glad when this project is over, and I can get my workshop cleaned and organised again!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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