A Lazy Week!

It\’s been lovely, but I am going to have to get back to doing some work, or I could get used to sitting around doing nothing!!

After the problems with the welder, it appears that it could be a combination of the power being drawn from the mains, not being sufficient, with using welding rods that won\’t work with my \’cheap\’ machine. I was advised what rods to get, and went out this morning, on another matter, that I will come back to, and couldn\’t get either of the two rods recommended, which is typical of Colombia, so I have bought a pack of the thinnest rods available 6013 5/32\”, and we will see how they go. If these don\’t work, and I can\’t find the recommended rods, the only option left, is to call in the power company, to put in a direct line to the workshop.

This morning I went out, because I had another chip on my front windscreen, we were out in the Montero the other day, following a lorry on the motorway, when there was a loud crack!, and a penny sized chip appeared on the passenger side, fortunately this time, not in the line of view, however there were signs that this crack could run, so I took it first thing this morning, returned two hours later and it was done, I thought I had got in the wrong car, as I could find no sign of the chip, unless I looked very carefully. A far better job than the last time I took it for a similar repair, turns out they have a new lad who does this work, and excellent job he made of it.

Back home, and it was into the workshop for another drone training session, it went well, there was no wind, so decided to use the swimming pool cover as the landing pad, the intention go straight up, do a 360° turn with the camera, and back down.

Oh dear! up it went, the air as still as could be, it was probably up 20 or 30\’, when suddenly a gust of wind sprung up, and whisked the drone in the direction of our neighbours, I think I panicked, because the next thing it came crashing down, in the neighbours garden… Oops! I heard it land on her stable roof, so went out in the road, as she was at work, and  fortunately saw it still on the roof, lying on it\’s back, sunbathing!!!!

Back into our garden, I put the ladder up against our wall, and with the swimming pool brush, fully extended, I was able to reach, and retrieve the drone, which fortunately was undamaged. I didn\’t even get to keep the video footage, because in my panic, I turned off the Control unit after the crash landing, without first turning off the camera. So for now, it\’s back into the workshop…lol

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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