You\’ll be glad to hear…

The last two days I made a concerted effort, and now the swimming pool is finished, as far as it can be, until summer comes around. I have re-grouted the shallow end of the pool and the steps out, the deep end of the pool can\’t be done until we are guaranteed no rain, otherwiseContinue reading “You\’ll be glad to hear…”

A Lazy Week!

It\’s been lovely, but I am going to have to get back to doing some work, or I could get used to sitting around doing nothing!! After the problems with the welder, it appears that it could be a combination of the power being drawn from the mains, not being sufficient, with using welding rodsContinue reading “A Lazy Week!”

Away from Projects for a While!

Last week, I put a plug on the welder, kitted myself out in the safety gear, and decided it was time to get started…I still do, but I haven\’t, and before you think I have gone totally loopy, let me explain. I had read all the instructions, had the correct rods for the machine, andContinue reading “Away from Projects for a While!”