Better day!

Another rubbish night, thanks to the Party Goers who kept up the music until 4am, however then Pépe decided to get up… No way!! I just opened the outside door and went back to bed, until our usual time.

Because I was expecting the guy to come and install the balustrade, I went down to the workshop and started drilling the metal post bases again, I reground all my drill bits on the grinder, and then worked up in size, it took four times as long, but it got done, consequently I didn\’t hear the gate bell go, and it was only when I turned the pillar drill off, and the boss sounded his bike horn, that I realised they had arrived, this was at 8am. The Boss had come with his employee, they worked all day, it was going dark by the time they left, hence we have no photos, but it has made a big difference, now we have got to paint it, but can\’t start that until Wednesday, to give the cement time to go off.

I also got a few more planks creosoted, I moved them all to the back of the house to try and reduce the smell, which was annoying Marcela.

As a result I now have more room in the workshop, so I was able to move one pile of timber from the floor onto the timber rack. Hopefully sometime this week, if I am not busy painting balustrade, I will get the posts up and some of the planking can be erected , and part of the green privacy netting can come down.

Tomorrow, we have got to be out of the house for 7am, and into the City, for the medical test I was too late for, the other week, it has to be tomorrow, as I have to go for another ultrasound on Friday. I am also still waiting to hear when I have got to go for this dental operation, I think I am rapidly falling to bits, I seem to spend most of my time with either the Dentist or Doctor these days.

I have got my ear plugs ready for tonight, I thought the night time noise was over, as work begins tomorrow, but another Finca has started up this evening, and this one is only two doors away, fortunately up until now, they have played nice music, if they are staying up all night, I hope they keep it that way.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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