Not feeling so bright.

Yesterday, I felt lousy, I have no idea why,  but life goes on, so I made a start on my fencing project, I didn\’t get far…

Late morning the balustrade for the swimming pool area arrived, we were asked if they could bring it up, ready for the Boss to come on Monday and install it, this was a bit of a surprise, with it being a national fiesta, but I guess when it is your own Company, you can\’t afford to take all the Fiestas on offer.

In the afternoon, I went to bed, which was probably just as well, because last night there were three Fincas in the area with holiday makers, all playing different music, and from the sound iof it, they rented for two nights not just one, so we will have more of the same tonight.

Consequently this morning I was not feeling too bright. Marcela got herself ready, and headed off for a day out with an old friend, I headed off on the bike, to get some drill bits, it was a nice ride, sunny with a bit of a breeze.

It was a case of straight there and straight back, being on the bike there is no toll to pay, normally we try to make it an outing, to justify paying the toll.

Back home, I started drilling bolt holes in the new post bases, but it appears that the local drill bits are not up to much, two bases, and I came to a halt again.

Pépe and I shared a curry for lunch, after washing up, I put up a blind in the third bedroom, I am not sure when it will next be used, possibly next week-end, as the family are coming Saturday to Sunday, at least there is now some privacy.

I then decided that I would start painting the planks for the fencing, I had the black paint, but on reading the label, I was a little concerned, it turns out that it is a form of creosote, banned in the U.K., I had changed over to using old engine oil over there, if I had known I would have done the same here, it would have been a fraction of the price, £46 for 5 gallons is a rip off.  Fortunately I had a large plastic sheet, which I laid out on the lawn, and got underway, the hardest part was keeping Pépe away, but after being shouted at a couple of times, he went and lay by the gate waiting for Marcela to return.

I managed to get six 3 metre planks covered, halfway there it began raining, and I was a bit damp, but it soon passed over, and I dried out fast, I gave up after six, time was getting on, and I had to clean up, so I wiped down the sheet, so it wouldn\’t seep onto the lawn, and kill it off, and then went for a shower to get rid of the smell, I thought I had seen the last of creosote, apparently not!

Marcela arrived home with a pizza for dinner, which was very welcome, and that is it for another day.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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