Bad Luck Seems to be Following Us!

Sunday, we were stuck on the mountain in the morning, because it was the \’Tour of Colombia\’ Cycling Event, so the Motorway was closed until mid day, not that we had intended to go out, but I still wish that they could find another route, that did not close of access to half the countryContinue reading “Bad Luck Seems to be Following Us!”

Busy Week

This morning it was another crack of dawn rising, these 5am starts are becoming too regular! Marcela came with me, and I was at the Doctors for 6.40am, both to go over my Psychiatric report, and the blood tests, which although fine for the Shrink, were high in some areas, and the Doc thinks thatContinue reading “Busy Week”

Work or Gadding…Gadding or Work?

To be honest, I\’m not sure which I like best, but a combination of the two will do me, for now! Yesterday, I spent a very frustrating day painting our front door, frame and reja, I decided that this was the job for the day, because until late on, it is in the shade, butContinue reading “Work or Gadding…Gadding or Work?”