It can only get better!

What a day!  yesterday, I found that buses had been driving  up our bank, because there are no kerbstones, they seem to think they have the right, so I put some rocks along the edge, cut back into the bank, so they were off the road, big enough that no vehicle would want to try to drive over them.

I then pottered, I couldn\’t summon up enough enthusiasm to get stuck into anything. I had to wait in this afternoon for the arrival of my wood, so Marcela went off, after lunch, to take the security camera to the courier for a return, and then mosey around the shops.

As Marcela left I noticed that a large vehicle, probably a bus, had backed in to our entrance, as they do to let other vehicles pass, but had not stopped and had demolished the low wall that retains the bank from our entrance, so it was back to work, I cut out the damaged section, and inserted a nice high pointy rock in it\’s place, I can see I will have to find a few more.

I made the mistake of reading the online Daily Mail, and came across an article saying that it is the intention of the UK Treasury to try and do away with personal tax allowances for anyone living outside the UK, and those people could claim locally as they pay their taxes abroad, with the exception of those on Government occupational pensions, who have their tax docked in the UK, so receive nothing abroad, such as me! if this comes in, it will mean a loss of about £2000 a year from my pension, over and above what they take now, and that is on current figures… talk about trying to send a fella into deep depression.

Then Marcela rang, it was past 5pm, and still no sign of Christian and my wood, so she rang him, apparently he is out in the sticks, and his battery had blown up? So no wood today, we are now hoping it can be delivered late tomorrow, because in the morning I have got to go for an appointment with the Accountant, who has finished my return, it will be submitted tomorrow, and I will have to settle up my bill for her services.

We are then going to try and sort out another source for the metalwork I need, we will probably go back to the first source we used, the problem with them is that they only fabricate the parts, they don\’t weld them together, so that will have to be done as well.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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