It didn\’t!

It didn\’t, get any better than yesterday that is!

This morning we set off at 9am, stopping firstly to buy Pépe\’s dog food, monthly flea drops and his two monthly anti parasite medication, he is now catered for, to boot, I had a pleasant surprise, because for months I have been accumulating points at this agro store,  and I was beginning to wonder why I bothered, today I got a 20% discount on my purchase…result!

From there we went to the Notary, we paid off Marcela\’s mortgage on the family home, I did this on the understanding that the house was transferred over into our names, and it will be an investment for Marcela, when something happens to me, in the mean time, nothing changes, my Mother in law continues to live there, until her circumstances change, or she decides to move on, so it is a long term investment, we wont receive anything in the meantime. Marcela went into the Notary to pick up the new Deeds, they were all correct, but the Registro had registered the property incorrectly, how I don\’t know, they only had to copy the details over, but they  had my second name as Antonio, and two surnames, the first being Richard, this has been a common mistake, as normally here, everyone has two surnames, and only two Christian…sorry lets be politically correct…two forenames, but as it is correct in the Deeds, there was no excuse, also for some unknown reason they had a third owner listed, I think the Clerk must have been drunk, when they registered the property.

Then it was time to head off to the Accountant, she has completed both our tax returns, we just had to take them to a bank to either pay any tax owing, or just get them stamped if nothing had to be paid, which was the case for both of us this year. We paid for her services, and waved goodbye until next year… wonderful woman!

Time to head to the Registry Office in the City Centre, when Marcela had to fill in complaint forms, and request that they correct the mistakes, \’Ten Days\’ and then we have to collect them, they wont send them out.

Back to Niquía for lunch, and then to the bank to submit our Tax forms, they were duly stamped, and we left.

Back home  I waited and I waited for the arrival of my timber, it didn\’t come, then Cristian rang us to say he was tied up with work (more profitable) on the other side of Medellin, so Marcela rang the timber yard, and there was another driver looking for work, so a short time later, Nelson arrived with all my timber, fortunately, there is sufficient space in the workshop, so Marcela helped me carry it in, as the rain started.

Another day draws to a close.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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