Classic Car Parade, Medellin

The Parade was due to start at 10.30am, so we (Marcela, Sandra,Oscar, Sebastian and myself) arrived and bagged a spot under a bridge at 9am, to shelter both from sun and the rain, as it happened, we had both! Unfortunately the Parade did not start until after 11.30am, by which time people were getting irritiable, and cheering anyone and everyone who passed along the closed dual carriageway!

Fortunately I had bought camp stools for Marcela and myself, as the \’Entrepreneurs\’ were in attendance with hard plastic stools, charging 10,000 COP per stool for the duration, but it backfired on them, because no one would pay, so later rather red faced, they were offering 2 for the same price, but due to their greed, no one would pay.

Getting there early, got us a ringside position, but we had to fight to keep them, because many late comers, tried to push their children to the front, however they picked the wrong people to try and hussle.

No Health & Safety here!

When the Parade did start, the Classic Cars were in short supply, it began with Company sponsored lorries, then a Military contribution, but there would be a few vehicles and then nothing… then as we were about to give up a few more, and so it went on.

No comment!
Mr Cool, and Aunty…of course!
Sisters Smiling or Deadly Assassins!

What cars we did see, were in varying conditions, from nice, to mint, but in the end we gave in, and left, it was becoming so drawn out, it was a shame, but down to the bad organisation, it was not just us who were disappointed, Twitter has been rife with complaints about the slow procession.

Here is a short slide show, of some of the vehicles we saw, and also a surprise visit from the Pope!

Sunday we are going, subject to obtaining tickets tomorrow, to the Flower Parade, which should knock spots off todays event. If we can go, I will post on that.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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