Another Year Underway!

It\’s been an odd week! the main Festivities over, but still \’The Kings\’ this week-end, although up until now it has been a rather sobre affair here. The Family don\’t bother with it, and although some of the Neighbours have had family gatherings, until this moment (7.50pm Sunday), there has been no problems with music, although as tomorrow is a National Fiesta there is still time!

Summer has well and truly struck this week, it has been very hot, up in the mid 30\’s, but the killer has been the humidity, and we have had the fans on all day, so I guess I should expect a hefty electric bill next time round.

Wednesday, I prepared all my documents for my Visa renewal on Tuesday in Bogota, I went on the Government site, and to avoid any mistakes chose the English option, everything was spot on, then for some reason, I still don\’t know why, I went over to the Spanish option, and found that there was a requirement for copies of more pages in my passport. I pointed this out to Marcela, who then rang the Department involved, and chose the option for visa renewal, and the documents required were different again, this time the copy of Marcela\’s ID card had to be stamped at the Notary, fortunately that left us Thursday to get that done, but it does make you wonder how many people go to renew, and get turned away for not having the correct documents! I am taking a print out of the site page in case there are any more problems.

Friday, yes another year had passed and it was my Birthday, I rather forget them now, but Marcela reminded me from 3am, until we went to bed that night, so I guess I can forget, forgetting them in future!! Marcela took me into Medellin for lunch, it was lovely, she had asked one of the Supervisors to take our photo, telling her it was my birthday. At the end of the meal, we were about to ask for the bill, when they brought us a complimentary  pudding to share, complete with candle, it was a lovely gesture. From there we went on to an ice-cream parlour we frequent, knowing on your birthday it is free, so I had yet another pigging out day!

Yesterday, we were in the shopping centre, and took the bull by the horns, and bought a 4 in 1 Elliptical exercise machine, it is being delivered next Friday, so I will then have no excuse, although up until now I have said I have bought it for Marcela and not me!!

I am hoping against hope, that later this week we will hear some positive news for Spain, if not, I am likely to have a few choice words lined up!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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