Getting there!

Yesterday was another busy but fruitful day, it started when Marcela received a phone call from the Shipping Agent to say that my crates would have been delivered next week, but as it is Semana Santa (Easter) and we would be going away, it would have to be after… I would love to have seen her face, when Marcela told her we would be here and they could be delivered!!!

We then left and went to Medellin and started the process of opening a Bank Account with HSBC, the Asesor could speak good English, however as she said my Spanish was good enough, we stayed in Spanish, which allowed Marcela to get her two penneth in, ha!ha!  There was a problem with my Cedula, in that the fingerprint is not that prominent, and they had to send a copy of it with one I gave them to Bogota for authorisation, so while that was going on, we went shopping and for lunch. On our return I was informed that I had been accepted as a client, but it would be eight working days before I received my card and internet authorisation, which with Easter, will mean about two weeks.

From there we headed back to Bello, and started the application to join the Health System, it is a funny setup here, you are obliged to be in the basic system, which gives you first access to a Doctor, and then you take out a supplementary Insurance policy in case you need to see a specialist, which reduces the waiting time from about three months, to under a week. Anyway to start with, there was a problem, because the retirement age here is 55years, and although I am a Police Pensioner, I am not a State Pensioner, so too young, and therefore they wanted me to pay for eight months for a pension I would never receive. However when it was pointed out, that my Visa forbade me to work, she contacted someone else, and it was confirmed I only had to pay towards the Health Service, now the application is filled, and if accepted, Marcela gets free cover, again we will know after Easter.

Back home, and we had visitors for the evening, Maria Elena, Sandra and Sebastian, after they left we settled down to watch the film \’War Horse\’, it was very good, which as I had read the book which was excellent, I was pleasantly surprised.

Marcela has gone off with her family into Medellin shopping, and I am now waiting to get ready,  to go and have my tooth pulled out at midday, and will hopefully be collected by Marcela later.

Dentist visited, finally met one I don\’t like, she was a bl**dy Butcher, and her Assistant kept wandering off, don\’t want any more treatment by her thanks. The 12 injections she gave me have finally worn off, and now relying on painkillers, hopefully I will feel a bit better tomorrow!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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