Work, work and work!

They say it’s good for the soul, I have to admit I love being busy, but it’s getting to the stage that I have to know when enough is enough!

I have been enjoying my hydrotherapy at Fundación Rienes, in Rionegro, it is certainly helping my knees, the Therapists give everyone some individual attention during the sessions, and they listen, sometimes there are two, sometimes three Therapists, and up to sixteen Patients a session, everyone likes them, and we as Patients, get along as well. I’ll try to get some photos, without invading anyone’s privacy.

I’ve only got two more sessions unfortunately, but I would recommend them to anyone.

Back home, Nala is continuing to prepare the ‘lawns’ for miniature golf, there are so many holes I have lost count, and given up trying to stop her. She is still destructive when left to fend for herself, if we are both out, she has jumped up and ripped Pepe’s leg support beyond saving, fortunately I had bought a new one, and at the moment he is managing without it, but it’s there when needed. Anything left within reach is fair game, which for a German Shepherd, doesn’t leave much protected. I think we have just resigned ourselves, because no amount of pointing out her bad ways, makes a ha’porth of difference.

Tito has his on and off days, on the off days, he waits in hiding ready to pounce at Nala given half the chance, fortunately we have learned his ways, and 95% of the time, we can jump in before the confrontation.

Pepe, is Pepe, he goes for a short walk in the morning, and being able to sniff all the local smells, keeps him happy, then his world revolves around food and resting, jumping up occasionally to mediate between Tito and Nala, it’s quite amusing to watch, he pushes himself between the two barks, and they back off… definitely the Elder Statesman of the group.

Marcela has taken to the Gym, and goes twice a week, then on other days, does her exercises at home.

Me, well I just get on with it, Avocado’s have come to an end for a few months, until the next crop is ready, now I am trying to look after the Plantains and mini bananas. Which are growing in what appear to be random locations between the avocado, but I suspect there was a reason. The other day, I took the machete and went into the orchard to start work on them.

As you can see from the photos, the stems have to be supported, as they can’t take the wait of the ripening fruit, they are not like tree trunks, if you cut into the stem, water pours out, as it consists of rings of fleshy growth filled with water, there is no other natural support.

I cut out all the ‘adult’ stems that had no fruit, if they haven’t got them now, they never will, and just rob the goodness from the others. You have to be as careful cutting these down as a tree, because they are full of water, they are heavy, but a machete soon has them down… if sharp!

I have two problems, firstly they all look the same, plantain and banana, until the fruit is fully formed, so I am going to have to map them this year, personally I prefer the banana, but the plantain are great for cooking.

The second problem is getting the bunches down without smashing the fruit, I have no idea how professionals do it, the locals just cut the stem, and let them drop, which can result in a whole bunch, it can result in them smashing, and then you have to cut the hands off the bunch. Some bunches are within reach, in which case, no problem, others, can be fifteen feet in the air, as you can see in the photos, I’ve tried researching this, but come up with nothing.

Saturday, I cut the climbing hedging plants on our perimeter security fence, and had a slight accident. After cutting with the hedge cutter, I went up the ladder, and was reaching over to the neighbours to cut the parts climbing the power post, and in doing so, caught one of my fingers on the razor wire, I’ve done this before with no long term effects, but this time it went deep, and I think that it’s damaged a nerve. The cut had healed, but from time to time when I move the finger, I get a shooting pain, I’ll just have to live with it, and hope it goes away, at the moment it’s just a nuisance.

Today, I have cut the grass with the brushcutter, it’s looking much more like a golf course now, thanks to Nala ha! ha! I started early, which surprised me, because Nala woke me at 3.45am for a stroke… grrrrr! then every half hour, until Tito wanted his turn, but that is usually a weather warning, and sure enough at 5am the heavens opened and we had a thunder storm, fortunately it soon passed.

I then fed and walked the dogs, after which I used the leaf blower to clear off the patio, and mopped it. With Nala, it doesn’t matter what you do, she will find wet soil and leave paw prints everywhere.

After breakfast, it was grass cutting, which included, going down the orchard, and clearing all the paths.

Finally, routine maintenance of the brushcutter, I gave it, it’s end of session wash, once dry, into the workshop remove and clean the spark plug, and remove the grease nipples and pack it with grease, hopefully it will run 100% next time, there was no problem today, but it didn’t seem it’s usual self, once or twice I thought it was running out of fuel, when there was still plenty. If this doesn’t do the trick, then it’s time to take it for a service.

That’s me now done for today, time for lunch, then put my feet up.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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