Changes are on the Way!

Last week we went to Fisinova to cancel further appointments for Physiotherapy,, it was my intention to tell the Physiotherapist to her face why I was cancelling, rather than just ring and cancel, but she was not at work, so we saw her stand-in, who advised us to fill in a complaint form, which we have done.

I am continuing with the Hydrotherapy, and that is definitely helping despite my initial scepticism, I only have another four sessions, but I am not sure if I will be able to complete them all.

Last week I went to see another Dermatologist regarding my skin cancer, every time I get into the swing with one, the HCP (Healthcare Provider) discontinues the service for another, it’s been twelve months since my last review, I was of the opinion that at my age, it really wasn’t worth continuing, but Marcela insisted. This Dermatologist is a lady, and very thorough, as a result I have to go for two biopsies, and then a review every three months due to my age, and being a whitey!! If I can’t get all my hydrotherapy sessions in before the appointment comes through, they will have to stop, as I can’t go into the pool after.

I have found a YouTube Channel where the Doctor specialises in arthritis of the knees, and he has more than 94 videos on the subject, “El Paso Manual Physical Therapy”, he trashes a lot of what I have been told or advised to do, Dr. David Middaugh explains why, and the reasons for his view, and what I should be doing. I have decided to follow him for a while, take his advice, and see if my knees improve, if so, I will be recommending him to my Specialists here, those that speak English.

Unfortunately, the crime rate here, and I mean locally, is escalating at an unbelievable rate, gang robberies, both in the countryside, and against commercial premises in town, this week a Taxi Driver was found murdered about three miles down the road, Gangs on motorcycles raided shops in town whilst armed, and people feel unsafe, and yet despite a load of rhetoric, nothing seems to be done. As a result, the other day, we were sent a copy of a leaflet going around town, we believe the Authors are local Businessmen, I say believe, because for obvious reasons it’s anonymous, threatening any thief of extortionist with instant justice, even death. It really is a sad state of affairs.

Our Leader of Government, is finding that he is not universally popular, and the other day as a result of the opposition, and verbal attacks on him, his family, and friends, announced that he has ordered his Supporters to monitor all Social Media, Internet sources, the Press, and elsewhere, to find anyone criticising any of those mentioned by name, and he will deal with them. I obviously have my opinions, but this problem, is the problem of the Colombian people, it is for them to resolve, not a Visitor in their country, that is the reason that for now, you will not see me commenting on the political state of the country, that maybe for sometime in the future.

We had another sneaky problem here last week, Marcela and I were in the house, when all three of the dogs were barking like made by the front fence, this is not unusual if someone or something is in the road outside, but Marcela called me, because Nala had changed the tone of her bark, she told me that all three were stood on some cutoffs of MDF sheets I had put to try, unsuccessfully to stop Nala digging, Nala was barking at the edge of one of the sheets.

I went to have a look

It was a Coral snake, the most venomous snake in the area, not the first we have encountered, but a bit close to the kids! I asked Marcela to call the dogs into the house, and I went for my snake catching pole, I bought it after our last encounter. Once the dogs were safely locked indoors, I removed the snake, releasing it on the other side of the lane. Hopefully there are no more about for a while.

About ten days ago, we started a hot spell, and there was a Government warning that El Niño was here, and to take precautions, I welcomed the change in weather, the only downside being that we are already struggling with our water supply, and this could result in us having no water, and be a bit niffy! However, I needn’t have worried, two days ago the storms returned, and now we are informed that El Niño will start in July, I won’t hold my breath!

To add to this, there is also a campaign to outlaw Avocado Hass, apparently the trees take too much water from the ecosystem, other than the rains we don’t personally use any additional water, and when you see the number of farmers here who grow hydrangeas and go out watering them daily, and create illegal mini reservoirs

waking us at 6am with their Industrial water pumps, taking water from the source that feeds the Town, it’s a bit rich, we will just have to wait and see what happens, hopefully it won’t be the end of Marcel’s business, whatever decision is taken, I don’t think it will come overnight.

I am home alone with the Kids, Marcela has gone over to her Sister’s, for Mother’s Day, and will come back tomorrow… hopefully! I took her to catch the 5.45am bus this morning, and then returned and started work, walking the dogs, then getting the ladder out. With the increased traffic on our lane, the vibration is causing the tiles over our main gate to move, and threatened to start falling, with rubber mallet in hand, I have tapped them all back into place… until the next time. Then I did a bit of tidying up after the Destructive Whirlwind continues to wreck the garden. I have given up trying to stop her, I will redo the garden, once she has calmed down, which is she is like the Golden Retriever I had, will be once she is four, by which time there won’t be much left.

Then I have done a few loads in the washing machine, all dog stuff, at which time it was 8am, and time for breakfast. Hopefully I can relax for the rest of the day, or at least until I think of something else that needs doing.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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