Happy 2022

Well, it hasn’t been the sunniest of Christmas’s in terms of Health or climate, the country as a whole has been struck down with flu, mainly due to the change in climate, as Summer creeps in late.

Our family was no exception, Marcela thinks my Brother-in-law brought it here, he then left on 27th, to work this week, (returning today) after which the whole family was struck down, I didn’t see the Sister-in-law for two days, she used it as an excuse to stay in bed and watch TV. I had a light dose of the flu, having had my flu jab, I think I escaped the worst.

On the 28th, I received a text from the Surgical Clinic, telling me to go and get my blood checks done, we thought this strange, as I still hadn’t had authorisation for the procedure, but just to be safe we went down and retrieved the order, however they refused to give me an appointment, as I don’t have a date for surgery, on our return home Marclea rang the Surgical Clinic and explained, it appears the process has been authorised, but no one bothered to tell me, Marcela was told to ring our Clinic and tell them the blood tests are required now, which she did, and I had my tests yesterday, the results will be available to download on Tuesday.

We had a suspicion the procedure had been given the go ahead, because when I went for my High Blood Pressure check-up earlier this month, the Doc’s opening gambit was, “I see you are having the hip surgery!” Nothing surprises me any more, SURA may be the most highly thought of Health Provider in Colombia, but not all their sub-contractors are on the same level, before moving here we were with IPS Confama, they were brilliant, I couldn’t fault them, now we are with IPS Prosalco, who leave a lot to be desired. SURA suggested we change to Comfama in Rionegro, but that is 30 – 40 minutes away depending on traffic, our current clinic is 15 minutes away, we’ll see how it goes.

Now we are trying to get everything organised, on the presumption that the surgery will either be late January or February, we are not in panic mode yet, but not far off. I have most of the accessories needed for post operative care, the few things I still need, I can buy this week.

That said, now it’s time to prepare for New Year, I rather think that we will be saying it a bit early, and turning in, as no one is back to 100% yet! So here’s wishing you a Peaceful and Happy New Year, may 2022 be better than the last for everyone.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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