\’New\’ Car

Tuesday, I had to be in Medellin for a 7am skin cancer appointment, yet again, I was hoping that I was about to be discharged, but the Dermatologist found that the mole he had been watching has grown, to the size, he can no longer remove it in his Clinic, I am going to haveContinue reading “\’New\’ Car”

Health Service Providers in Colombia

The system of HealthCare in Colombia, is really very hit and miss, unless you take out Private Insurance. I have been extremely lucky, when I first came to Colombia I was assigned to Comfenalco, who were brilliant, but later decided to withdraw from the EPS (National Health Service), I was then assigned to SURA, whoContinue reading “Health Service Providers in Colombia”

It\’s Been a Quiet Week

The bedlum seems to have died down, thank goodness, so there isn\’t much to report. The Montero is playing up again, I took it to the Mechanic I use, because I was worried about the oil leak from the crankcase, and a noise had developed under the car, so I was thinking maybe the crankshaftContinue reading “It\’s Been a Quiet Week”

Blind as a bat!

Another night of rain, at least it stopped in time for me to take Pépe for his walk! After breakfast I caught up with the news and the latest batch of friends undertaking the \’Ice Bucket Challenge\’, then I woke Marcela. We left here about 10am, and headed across the City for our eyesight testsContinue reading “Blind as a bat!”


I didn\’t get around to posting last night, I was fuming, and thought it better to wait until I had calmed down. We went for my medical appointment, only to be turned away, because we didn\’t have authorisation from SURA the insurance company that runs this Health Service, sorry…but I don\’t need authorisation, that isContinue reading “Fuming!”

What a \’B\’ Nightmare!!!

The last two days have been horrendous, having been finally accepted for the the Health Care Complimentary Plan by SURA,  as I said in my last post, they took the first payment on May 30th, ready for it\’s implementation in June, then yesterday I went on my online Bank account, to find they had takenContinue reading “What a \’B\’ Nightmare!!!”

No work today!

It has been a bit hit and miss today, we had to be out by 9am, Pépe had an appointment at the Peluquería, and the Vet (same place) at 9.30am. Before leaving Marcela was on the phone to SURA, our Health Provider, because they have finally agreed to allow me to have the complimentary coverContinue reading “No work today!”

Time for a Holiday!!

We both had a broken night, all to do with nature, I ended up, out and walking with Pépe at 5.45am, then after a coffee, it was time to work, today, I decided to make a start on Pépe\’s Kennel, it will only be for use during the day, unless he decides otherwise. It willContinue reading “Time for a Holiday!!”