\’New\’ Car

Tuesday, I had to be in Medellin for a 7am skin cancer appointment, yet again, I was hoping that I was about to be discharged, but the Dermatologist found that the mole he had been watching has grown, to the size, he can no longer remove it in his Clinic, I am going to haveContinue reading “\’New\’ Car”

Health Service Providers in Colombia

The system of HealthCare in Colombia, is really very hit and miss, unless you take out Private Insurance. I have been extremely lucky, when I first came to Colombia I was assigned to Comfenalco, who were brilliant, but later decided to withdraw from the EPS (National Health Service), I was then assigned to SURA, whoContinue reading “Health Service Providers in Colombia”

It\’s Been a Quiet Week

The bedlum seems to have died down, thank goodness, so there isn\’t much to report. The Montero is playing up again, I took it to the Mechanic I use, because I was worried about the oil leak from the crankcase, and a noise had developed under the car, so I was thinking maybe the crankshaftContinue reading “It\’s Been a Quiet Week”

Blind as a bat!

Another night of rain, at least it stopped in time for me to take Pépe for his walk! After breakfast I caught up with the news and the latest batch of friends undertaking the \’Ice Bucket Challenge\’, then I woke Marcela. We left here about 10am, and headed across the City for our eyesight testsContinue reading “Blind as a bat!”


I didn\’t get around to posting last night, I was fuming, and thought it better to wait until I had calmed down. We went for my medical appointment, only to be turned away, because we didn\’t have authorisation from SURA the insurance company that runs this Health Service, sorry…but I don\’t need authorisation, that isContinue reading “Fuming!”

What a \’B\’ Nightmare!!!

The last two days have been horrendous, having been finally accepted for the the Health Care Complimentary Plan by SURA,  as I said in my last post, they took the first payment on May 30th, ready for it\’s implementation in June, then yesterday I went on my online Bank account, to find they had takenContinue reading “What a \’B\’ Nightmare!!!”