Still Here!

I bet you all thought I had got lost, I have been tied up on family matters, about ten days ago the Mother-in-law finally received a date for surgery on her foot, she had a growth which was making it difficult to walk, the surgery had been postoned once, so we wanted to make sure that the same didn\’t happen again, that involved a lot of running around.

Unlike the UK, althought there is on \’Natrional Health Service\’ called EPS, this is contracted out to numerous Providers, most of whom are in the Insurance Industry, and most of whom are so corrupt that the money paid to them by the Government gets syphoned off into people\’s pockets and the Service suffers as a result. I have been lucky I am with one of the better Providers, SURA, and I certainly can\’t really complain about my treatment, my Mother-in-law on the other hand is with Coomeva, and they are so inept it beggars belief.

The Mother-in-laws appointment was at 12.30pm last Tuesday, we had to be there two hours before, so arrived at Clinica Centro, at 10.20am, she registered at the desk, and was told that due to fewer patients having turned up, she would be admitted shortly, sure enough, she was taken through at 10.45am, undressed and given a gown, then nothing,it was freezing, as in all the Clinics, to reduce the chance of passing any bugs, they have the air conditioning on full blast giving Arctic conditions, and give you a flimsy blanket. 3.15pm and she had still not gone for surgery, and they wouldn\’t tell us why, she was frozen, as it waqs she went 15 minutes later, in all three hours late.

I waqs waiting with my Father-in-law, although separated they are still friends…most of the time! It was 8pm before my Mother-in-law was released from Recovery, she said she was ready at 6pm, but the Surgeon, had continued operating, and not done the paperwork, when he eventually did, he did not even speak to her, very unprofessional.

We eventually arrived home at 8.45pm, fortunately there was not too much traffic.

The Mother-in-law is now staying with us, until she can walk unaided, and because Marcela is having to work all day in the shop, the Father-in-law agreed to also stay, to help out.

If I had my way, she would change over to our Health Service Provider, but no one else will accept her, because, she is on the high blood pressure program, and like me with mine, we are considered high risk.

Therefore if you ever find yourself moving to Colombia, do not, under any circumstances register with Coomeva.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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