Some Progress

This morning Marcela, Pépe and myself set off for the finca at 9am, taking a couple more boxes of house contents with us.

10am came and went, no sign of the fellow supposed to be arriving to \’repair\’ the kitchen worktop, 10.30am and Marcela rang him to find out where he was, no reply, about 20 minutes later, two of them turn up with a welder and a bag of tools on a motorbike, we left them to it.

Marcela went off to gather local information, Pépe continued his patrols of the garden perimeter, and I measured up for window blinds.

When the men had finished, they called us in, and I have to admit it was now at an an acceptable level, but in doing so they had gauged one wall, and chipped a tile, I was looking to nit pick, after all the trouble we have had this last week, but decided to keep quiet, had they done the work to this standard in the beginning, I would have been very happy with it, with the exception of the damage to the wall, so we have agreed to leave it at that.

We then packed up and came home, dropping Pépe off at the apartment, he was shattered poor lad, we left again, firstly to go for lunch up the road, and then we headed off, to buy roller blinds and ceiling fans. The first Store we went to had some lovely blinds, we found two for the lounge, but blinds of bright colours had sold out, unless we wanted white or cream, that was it for the day. We then bought a ceiling fan for our bedroom and one for the lounge, because upstairs is very warm, as opposed to downstairs which remains cool throughout the day.

We then moved on to another store, but their blind selection was awful, we will just have to keep looking! However we were glad to have called there, because they have got an offer on for interior doors, complete with frame and hardware, having checked when the offer expires, and that they will let me into their car park with a trailer, we headed home.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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