Moving date set!

This morning I was awake before 4am, I think there is too much going on, my mind was buzzing, so much to Pépe\’s surprise I had him up and out early.

At 8am, I was out with the trailer collecting our wardrobe from John\’s Mother-in-law\’s house, then whilst John shot ahead on his bike, Ramillo and I followed at a sedate pace, so as not to shake the wardrobe to bits.
Once at the Finca, I went through the list of fixes that needed doing with John, and then he and Ramillo continued work on the workshop, and after connecting some more gas pipework, I headed upstairs, and started putting together the shelving for the walk-in-wardrobe, or vestier, I have to say, that I was not very enthusiastic about it, but it was a job that had to be done, before we move in.
The shelving is not pretty, but it is functional, and easy to keep clean, because it is plastic coated wire, but I don\’t like kits, however good the instruction, or whatever language they are in. After spending some time putting together the first of three, I thought the others would be easy, but I was wrong, each was entirely different, even though they were all the same make. 
This is my corner, there is one shelf up out of the photo!

Marcela\’s main area, considerably bigger!

There is the option to add further shelves, which I am sure will be the case as time goes by.

I have got to have a mass throw out, because in Spain I had two wardrobes, one for summer one for winter, had we moved to Guarne or San Pedro, I would still have needed both, but that is not the case, so I will have to sort out what is going to good causes!

This smaller freestanding unit is subject to a free for all!

I finally finished at 5.20pm, put away my tools, John had already left, so I said my good byes to Ramillo, and headed home.

Pépe is now in the doghouse!!! I just heard screaming  from upstairs, so ran up to find Marcela trying to get hold of Pépe who was racing around under the bed, keeping out of her way, he had eaten the catch off my best holdall, that was to be used for our upcoming UK trip, I\’ll still use it, it will just look a bit moth eaten!
Right… As the title suggests, we are on the move. We are spending Saturday and Sunday, cleaning the inside of the finca, and moving in on Monday next. Marcela has arranged for a lorry to come and shift our furniture, and I say that intentionally, no removal firms, people buy a wagon, write on the side of it, or sometimes advertise, and they will shift anything if the price is right! So what condition things like the fridge freezer, and washing machine, will be in, I have no idea, other bits, like the sofa, and bed,, desk etc. I plan to move on Sunday, using the trailer.
The telephone company are to confirm their appointment, hopefully they are coming Saturday, they will firstly inspect the current cabling, and if it is OK, they will connect us to telephone, Internet, and TV there and then, if not they will arrange an appointment to come back and renew, whatever needs doing, so we may be incommunicado for a while. Our telephone, TV and internet will definitely be cut off here from the date of their appointment, so if we are not about, don\’t worry, we will reappear a.s.a.p.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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