The \’Workshop Equipment\’ is increasing steadily!

The last two days I have been chasing my pension around the world again, you pay a Company to do a simple transfer, and it becomes a game of hide and seek, the money starts in the UK and goes through three separate Companies before it lands in my Bank here in Colombia, and one of them has been hiding the funds to get a couple of days more interest out of it, unfortunately I can\’t find a Company that will give me a better deal, but it eventually arrived this afternoon.

I went for my Prostrate check-up, we arrived an hour early, and were seen straight away, the Doctor (Dr. Guillerzo Escorcia Quiroz) was a lovely bloke, the Specialists here don\’t seem to have any airs and graces like in the UK, and he put me at ease straight away, within five minutes I had had the check, apparently I have got a cute \’little\’ prostrate, and it is in good health, something else I don\’t have to worry about. The Doc then went into full flow, and I gave up trying to follow the conversation, but later Marcela told me, he trained in Mexico, and men from there and Europe are easy to check, but Colombian men have a big \’macho\’ thing about another man putting his finger… anyway, he has a hell of a time with the locals. He is also sending me for two other tests and then I have to go back and see him, apparently this now has to be an annual event… well, as long as he cuts his fingernails as short as today, there will be no problem, ha!ha!

Marcela then took me out for lunch, and blew the diet, but it was worth it, it was a lovely meal, Marcela then went off to meet up with her Sister, and I went to Homecenter and added to my growing number of tools for the workshop, an electric planer, an airnailer, and some hand tools, after which I raced back to let Pépe out, and he had been great, having been left for over four hours.

Tomorrow… food shopping, then if my Students turn up, a Spanish lesson!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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