A few more days pass

After making enquiries with Spain, I was informed there was a further delay, but this time hopefully only 3 or 4 days, apparently it is a mix up over when the 20 day waiting period started, quite how that happens I am not sure, 20 days from a signature is 20 days in my book, and that doesn\’t change the date! maybe someone else can explain. However the Gestor is still hopeful that the sale will be able to be completed by the end of this month, middle of next at the latest, apparently the August shut-down does not effect the Institutions I now have to use.

Pépe now has a platform by the lounge window, so he can see out, he was barking at every noise, ( he is going to be a good guard dog!) now he jumps onto the sofa then up onto his platform to watch what is going on, he hasn\’t yet mastered getting back down, but that is no bad thing! We have started going on longer walks, which does us both good, although Pépe is not convinced, because he likes having free rein on his 4m lead ( I don\’t like these retractable ones, so I have made one!),  we now do a lot of it is road walking, so he is on a short lead, but he is now cocking his leg all the time, and is a proper dog!!!! 🙂

This weeks Massage treatment is going well, I am still black and blue after last week, but the pain was not as bad today, tomorrow are the injections again! We both think that we are starting to lose some body fat, so if that continues, it looks as if I will be buying us both a new wardrobe. It will be a quick visit tomorrow, because I have got to go into the city for a Specialist appointment for a Prostrate check-up, not looking forward to it, but better safe than sorry.

I have just been making a curry this morning, Marcela has a works meeting at 1pm with her Boss, not knowing what it is about, she is not very happy, but now she knows all the Independent Assesors have been called in, she is a little less fraught! We will eat when she gets back.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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