Time marches on!

Well…I was right! I ended up black and blue, and now I know that Marcela wasn\’t kidding about the pain, but as they say \’No gain without pain\’. I have also had my first injections, and I\’m still alive, so that is something. If anything my stomach is even bigger now, but that may be due to the pummelling it has taken, we\’ll just have to give it a few weeks.

Pépe is back in my bad books, I recopied my Bagpipe music CD, and he got it again, but didn\’t eat it this time, Marcela found him using it as a surf board across the tiles. He obviously has no taste in music! However he is showing signs of growing up, he has started cocking his leg at last, although he is still unsteady on three 🙂

Yesterday, I went out and bought a scrollsaw, and workshop hoover, so now I am going to set up a mini workshop in the storeroom, it will give me something else to occupy my time, and in a way I enjoy.

Last night, Marcela, Maria Elena, Pépe and I went for a walk, we went half way to town and back, not that far for us, but it is the longest road walk Pépe has undertaken, and he was flaked by the time we returned, however that did not stop him waking me early this morning at just after 5am, normally this would not worry me, but it does make it a very long day, I have already been up over 3 hours and \’Sleeping Beauty\’ has shown no signs of surfacing.

We heard yesterday, that there have been outbreaks of the H1N1 virus in Colombia, and a fatality, in Bello!!!  that is definitely too close to home, nothing we can do about it, but hope it has been contained.

I don\’t know why, but the one thing I do miss here, as I think I have mentioned previously is British Baked Beans!! I bought a can last week, of some that looked similar, and we tried them for breakfast yesterday, they were horrible, the sauce was like water, I definitely wont be buying those again.

I have been trying to source the ingredients, but one of the main ones is molasses, non of the supermarkets stock it, or treacle, they follow the American way of Maple Syrup, however the Animal store we use to buy bits for Pépe, sell it in bags for horse food mix, but only in 2kg or 50kg bags, and recently they haven\’t had the 2kg ones in stock, I might risk it when they do, I can\’t see it doing any harm, even if it is not of food grade.

Our President needs to find some new Advisors, he keeps putting his foot in it… yesterday he went on Twitter offering his and the Countries commiserations to the family of a Senator, only for it to be reported two hours later that she was still alive!! OK she died last night, but it was all a bit premature, and does nothing for his image, with the Elections coming up next year.

Well, that\’s it for another day, until next time…

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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