Getting back to Normal!

To quote an old phrase, ‘Normal is, as normal does’, so I guess it will never be like the old normal! However I am certainly now getting more things done, more on my hip later.

Last week the first materials for the new Balcony arrived

That’s as far as we have got so far, not that we are complaining, we have been busy ourselves, and not been here. We have been informed that if we want dry timber for the flooring it will be six weeks (five now) until we have it, otherwise they can only supply green, which we don’t want.

We had to call Jaime out, as we have been having storms at night, resulting in rain pouring into the lounge, through the roof, so he came out and stripped part of the roof, to find yet again bad workmanship, they used roll ends, and second-hand roofing felt under the tiles, so he has done a temporary repair, I have asked Jaime to strip the roof and replace all the roofing felt, which he says will take two to three days, so another job on the list.

I had asked my Physiotherapist, if I could start exercises on our static bicycle, he took one look at it and said ‘No’, because the handlebars are too low, and risk me popping my hip. We have donated the static bike to my Mother-in-law who wanted one, and I have been looking for an old road bike, that we can also put on a stand, and use as a static bike. Again Jaime came up trumps, on both counts.

Unfortunately I still cant get on it as my hip hasn’t got the range of motion, but it will be used in the future.

Another thing that has been a constant problem here, is telephone service, Phone Companies have no interest in installing landlines outside towns, it isn’t financially worth their while, Cellphone service isn’t brilliant, unless you live alongside a tower, which we don’t! Marcela is lucky she got two to three bars in the kitchen, but I only got one, the neighbours have it even worse, they have to go in the garden to get a signal. I decided that it was time to do something about it, so I bought a signal booster kit, I installed an aerial outside, like a mini TV antenna, cabled it into the house, connected it to a booster and an indoor aerial fixed to the ceiling, and we now have five bar reception!

I’ve just got to tidy up the cabling.

We have had another visitor in the house, keeping the insects at bay

He was doing quite a of blending in, but unfortunately not good enough, Pepé found him, and he is no more!

I am trying to do as much exercise as possible, I have been working in the garden, up and down the ladder, cutting the boundary shrubbery, and also going on walks, until recently only two or three hundred metres in each direction, but I over stepped the mark a couple of days ago

It was lovely, unfortunately I kept going, I have arrowed the roof of our house

I struggled to get home, and got told off! I have done the same walk again since, but this time with Marcela and the dogs, and I will stretch it by a few metres each day.

Marcela had her first crop ofr the year, her Associate came and cleared the Avocados that were ready, Marcela was pleased with the result, which was 25% higher than the whole of last year

So hopefully that increase will continue.

That about brings me up to date, and the sad thing is I think it is also the last entry on this computer, it’s four years old, and appears to have come to the end of it’s life, I have to keep pausing every ten words for it to catch up. So my next investment will be another Desk top, but this time not an AIO. In the mean time I will use the new Laptop I bought prior to my surgery!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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