Charlie is here!

Charlie arrived this morning, escorted by three ladies, they handed him over, together with his things, told us a bit more about him, and thankfully said that if he did not settle, or we could not cope with him that they would have him back.

Charlie is definitely bigger than his photographs made him out to be, but he is a friendly dog, and we all need to learn a bit more about each other.

Soon after the ladies had gone, I decided to take him for a walk, and five minutes later he had found a soft cow pat and had a good roll in it, before I realised what was happening, so back home it was a bucket of water and shampoo, however I did note, that his reaction to other dogs, is far more aggressive than I was lead to believe, he goes ape, just seeing another dog, I suppose this is understandable bearing in mind his history, but it is potentially a big problem.

Marcela is finding this more difficult than I thought, she says it is because of his size, however she is prepared to give it a couple of days, and I have said that if then she is still not comfortable, we will ring up and have him taken away. I therefore refuse to get too attached, until I know what is happening.

This afternoon, Maria Elena, Sandra and Sebastian came round to go swimming, and Charlie was friendly enough with them, however with Sebastian, he was too friendly and tried humping him… it would have been quite funny, except for the fact that Sebastian went from wanting to play with him to wanting to avoid him, which is not what I want. Therefore if we decide to keep Charlie, a visit to the Vets will be a priority.

In the mean time, Charlie is following me everywhere, he does not like being left alone, which could be another problem, whilst the family were swimming, I kept going out of the front door and shutting him in alone, but he was soon scratching at the door, I kept this up for short periods, but so far no improvement… interesting!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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