You Learn Something Knew Every Day!

I decided yesterday that this morning I would be up bright and early and take the Enfield down for a full service, in preparation for that, I pulled the bike out to check it\’s tyre pressures, only to find the rear tyre had a puncture. This is certainly one downside to the Royal Enfield, asContinue reading “You Learn Something Knew Every Day!”

Woodwork, and more woodwork…

Yesterday, I decided it was time to upgrade my lumber rack in the workshop, from the old prison bunk-beds to something more practical, which takes up less space, and having seen just the thing on one of my YouTube subscriptions, I set to, and worked at it all day…that included trips to Homecenter, (thanks toContinue reading “Woodwork, and more woodwork…”

More Workshop

Wednesday as planned, we went out shopping, I came back with my bits for the workshop, including a Pillar Drill (but I didn\’t realise it would be a box of bits, it brought a whole new meaning to \’Flat-Pack!), now my bench is starting to look cluttered! No room for more! To be honest, IContinue reading “More Workshop”

As if we needed an excuse!

This morning I was out after breakfast, I have been following a Carpenter (Izzy Swan) on Youtube, and he got my passion for woodwork going again, so I decided, damn the noise and inconvenience, I would reorganise the \’storeroom\’ and install a micro-workshop. I went to the DIY store and ordered the wood and toContinue reading “As if we needed an excuse!”