The Medical rounds Start Again!

This morning we were up at 5am, I had a Doctor\’s appointment at 6.40am, and Marcela wanted to go with me, to ensure both the Doc and I understood the current problems. As normal the Doc was running late, and I didn\’t get in until after 7am, he seemed a bit concerned that my  shortContinue reading “The Medical rounds Start Again!”


I said I wouldn\’t be about, but I am writing this really for my own benefit…as have said elsewhere, this really is my diary, and it is somewhere I can come back to for information. To say I am feeling depressed is an understatement, I left home reasonably early this morning, to go shopping inContinue reading “Depressed!”

I Haven\’t Forgotten You!

It\’s just been a quiet week, I have been pottering in the garden, and in the workshop, with little to report, I have been doing some routine maintenance, ready for Christmas, nothing special, but more on that in another post. Last week I bought myself a new 360º camera, an LGR105 At first I thoughtContinue reading “I Haven\’t Forgotten You!”