Keeping Occupied

Whilst we had no internet, I was forced to occupy my time by returning to the old ways, in my case woodwork!! 😊  It forced me to get the Postbox finished and fitted on the gate. This plaque on the outside of the gate, is only so they will know which crack in the gateContinue reading “Keeping Occupied”

I\’m not much use on site at the moment!

I had a rough night, with all the milk and water I had drunk, I might as well have camped in the bathroom, however I had a thought to sooth my throat and went down for a spoonful of honey, and it worked. This morning, other than feeling tired, I felt much better, and setContinue reading “I\’m not much use on site at the moment!”

Closed for Christmas!

Well that\’s it now, nothing will happen in Spain until after Christmas, officialdom is on holiday! it is much the same here in Colombia, except that some businesses have also given their staff the whole period off, and there will be partying from now until New Year, God help us all. Although Christmas is theContinue reading “Closed for Christmas!”

Back to the woodwork!

I haven\’t done much woodwork recently, so decided to get stuck in again, so the first thing I wanted to do, was to improve my tablesaw, and in doing so, it nearly ended up as scrap, as we all know \’ Measure twice, cut once\’! fortunately I was able to work around my mistake, soContinue reading “Back to the woodwork!”