All Change!

Work has continued at a pace, despite all the rain…well, it is winter here, and we have not had the required amount of rain to avoid water shortages next summer, which should start next month, so even though it has slowed up work, it has been welcomed. On Friday, Jaime decided they needed to moveContinue reading “All Change!”


Although there have been no posts for a week, that doesn\’t mean I have been putting my feet up! I have been doing maintenance work on the house, but nothing that was worth a post. Painting, gardening etc. all the mundane things we all have to do. Also winter is now here, which is goingContinue reading “Rendering…”

Weather changing!

Dull and drizzle started the day, still 22° but felt more like 12°, it was cold! I think President Santos got his facts wrong when he warned us all that El Niño was coming and it would be hot and arid for nine months, it looks as if our second winter is coming as normal,Continue reading “Weather changing!”