Continued Lockdown?

Work has continued at a pace this last couple of weeks. We rented scaffolding and as you will see in the following series of photos, the rendering has come on in leaps and bounds, through all weathers. No words needed to explain that, they are just getting on with the job! In the meantime, DubberContinue reading “Continued Lockdown?”

Security Fencing almost Complete

For the past two days, we have been a man short, whilst Yeison was sent to sort out an emergency repair, Jaime and Duber have been getting on with the welding,  Cristian and Jorge, have been tidying up the landscaping around the fence line, as a result it is now looking great… The fencing itselfContinue reading “Security Fencing almost Complete”

He\’s Pushing His Luck!

It was an early start today, I had to go into the City to collect some medication, they couldn\’t issue locally, I was dreading it, I have had to go there a number of times previously, Colsubsidio at AlmaCentro in Medellin, it was a horrible branch of the Pharmacy, but the main one, it wasContinue reading “He\’s Pushing His Luck!”