I apologise for there being no updates, it has been a hectic couple of weeks… The work took a little longer to finish than thought, but the last week was just Jorge and José, tiling, and Jorge wont be rushed, he does a great job and we are really pleased with the results of hisContinue reading “Sorry!”

Water Everywhere, but Not a Drop To Drink!

Well that\’s not quite true, although I know Marcela would disagree with me, she has been on bottled water since we moved here, but since I mostly drink coffee, my water is heated, and for taking tablets etc. I take the risk. When we moved, we noticed that the water had a yellow tinge toContinue reading “Water Everywhere, but Not a Drop To Drink!”

I\’ve Definitely Upset Someone Upstairs!

First we had the septic trap giving us problems for a month, then yesterday, the Water Company having cut the water for repairs, turned it back on full power, instead of gradually as usual, and have cracked a joint in the cold water inlet to the sink in our bathroom, I have tried an epoxyContinue reading “I\’ve Definitely Upset Someone Upstairs!”

Not too bad!

Last night the water went off about 6pm, we found out today that a bus had crushed the mains pipe, and there was a deluge further down the mountain, but no news was forthcoming, and no one answering the emergency phone, our water is not part of the municipality, it is locally owned by theContinue reading “Not too bad!”