I\’m Happy Again!

The new washing machine eventually arrived at 3pm yesterday, I was rubbing my hands together ready to install it, when the Delivery Guy told me, that if I installed it, the guarantee was null and void…bloody ridiculous!!! With weekend fast approaching I was not happy, and spoke with Marcela at work. Marcela rang the Factory,Continue reading “I\’m Happy Again!”

Christmas is Coming

We have been waiting for confirmation of our new washing machine, but had heard nothing, so I gave the job to Marcela of chasing it up, thank goodness I did, because she was given the run around, in the end it turns out that the Store is just the shop window for the manufacturers, andContinue reading “Christmas is Coming”

An Expensive Month

Yesterday should have been a morning for washing, but after the first machine load, it was obvious, that the washing machine wasn\’t going to do me any favours by carrying on into the New Year, after it had finished sashaying across the tiles, I unloaded the machine, unplugged it, and removed the water pipes…end ofContinue reading “An Expensive Month”


I am struggling to get a lot done, with one arm, everything is taking so much longer to do, I haven\’t got any pain, just permanent pins and needles, and no strength, it is frustrating more than anything else. I don\’t think I am ever going to be rich, just as one thing is sorted,Continue reading “Pottering!”