I should have stayed in bed!

Yesterday morning, I acid brushed the new brick exterior garden wall, it was dry in minutes, then I gave it a coat of weather protection, I don\’t know whether it is the weather here, or the composition of the product, but that was dry in minutes, so then I varnished it, and it looked good.Continue reading “I should have stayed in bed!”

Back to two wheels

Marcela left this morning for her UK visa meeting, it turns out she may be fine, there were five of six of them, and one was playing up, they were given time to make any corrections, which was a blessing, so Marcela changed the faults entered by the Intermediary, she then had to read offContinue reading “Back to two wheels”

Moving date set!

This morning I was awake before 4am, I think there is too much going on, my mind was buzzing, so much to Pépe\’s surprise I had him up and out early. At 8am, I was out with the trailer collecting our wardrobe from John\’s Mother-in-law\’s house, then whilst John shot ahead on his bike, RamilloContinue reading “Moving date set!”

Work progressing!

Yesterday was a bit of a shock to the system, I did a full days work, well, eight hours!  I left home at 7.30pm calling to buy some fittings,  my breakfast and lunch. My intention was to fit out the walk in wardrobe (Vestier), but John asked me to get on with starting the \’zonaContinue reading “Work progressing!”

Quite a bit done today!

Yesterday, we went up to Girardota to start transferring the bills over into our name, and this time some will be in mine, because at the moment, I don\’t have a credit rating, because nothing is in my name, not that I am bothered, because I have no wish to use Credit, but there areContinue reading “Quite a bit done today!”