No work at the house today!

Not much to report today, we planned on leaving the house at 9am, and the man arrived with our security fence for the rear of the house, about 8.20am, he had brought all the materials, so that John\’s men could cement in the posts, and he was returning next week to erect the fence itself,Continue reading “No work at the house today!”

More problems, not insurmountable!

I didn\’t sleep at all well last night, only getting about three hours, don\’t ask why, I have no idea! Last night we had found that whoever had been working on the car, had gone through all our belongings, I keep an emergency tool kit in a bag with all the legally required equipment toContinue reading “More problems, not insurmountable!”

Another busy day on the Bike!

What a day!  we were out for 8am because the Bike needed oil, and I wasn\’t risking a trip into God\’s country without a top up. That done, we made our way to the house, where John and one of his workers, were already waiting, we handed over the keys, had a quick chat, thenContinue reading “Another busy day on the Bike!”