Continuing the Router Table Fence

This morning, it was back into the workshop, and finish making the fence. The first job was to cut and fit the supports, which as I mentioned previously was done with pocket holes. That done, I made a hinged flap for the vacuum hook-up, disassembled the whole table,and gave all the working area a coatContinue reading “Continuing the Router Table Fence”

Preparing to finish the Doorway!

Yesterday, I decided that to fill the space above the door, I would build a panel from 2×4, as in all timber this is not the \’real size\’ it is nearer to 3.5cm, or just over 9cm, as the door frame is 10cm, this is ideal. I cut the pieces to length, leaving the smallContinue reading “Preparing to finish the Doorway!”

Early start, but late getting to work!

My plan was to work in the workshop today, all day! unfortunately due to some Official idiot, we had to chase around sorting out their mess first. However I have managed to get quite a bit done, I had to cut the drawer fronts to size, I am using 1\”x 8\” timber and decided thatContinue reading “Early start, but late getting to work!”

Approaching the Moment of Truth

The bed is finished, I completed the varnishing this morning, and because I had over estimated the quantity of varnish needed by about 400%…the base was painted in it to! and to make sure the bed stays in one piece there is also the fifth leg! This will sit in the centre of one ofContinue reading “Approaching the Moment of Truth”

Peace Reigns Once Again

If you want a peaceful life you have to give in, otherwise life isn\’t worth living, so despite an increase in the company expenses, I went off to Homecenter this morning and bought 2m of  1/2\”copper pipe, four \’T\’ joints, eight stop ends, and some copper polish. Back home I cut two bases from someContinue reading “Peace Reigns Once Again”