Blind as a bat!

Another night of rain, at least it stopped in time for me to take P├ępe for his walk! After breakfast I caught up with the news and the latest batch of friends undertaking the \’Ice Bucket Challenge\’, then I woke Marcela. We left here about 10am, and headed across the City for our eyesight testsContinue reading “Blind as a bat!”

Good News for a change!

Sunday afternoon, I felt a bit better, so we headed off to visit Marcela\’s Great Uncle, and Family, and some sized family it is to, don\’t ask how many I lost count, but they all made me feel so welcome and part of the family, it was lovely. I had met many of them brieflyContinue reading “Good News for a change!”

Christmas has arrived in Colombia!

I forgot to say in my last Post, that I had been back to the Optician, they are now saying that my frame was too big!!! I decided to give the varifocals one last try, so had to choose another frame, strange how the woman kept coming out with the most expensive options… No luck,Continue reading “Christmas has arrived in Colombia!”

What a week!!

There must be an upside somewhere, but I haven\’t found it yet! On Monday we went to my Bank, to apply for a credit card…Yes… I know that Colombia is tough on all money transactions in a bid to stamp out money laundering, but there are limits!The Advisor, went off with a copy of myContinue reading “What a week!!”