The End of an Era!

A sad day for the family, my Uncle who was a confirmed Bachelor, my Father\’s younger Brother was found dead at his home by the Police this morning, he was 86 years of age, and according to my Brother who spoke with him this week, he still totally with it. At the moment, we don\’tContinue reading “The End of an Era!”

Colombian Culture, Right or Wrong?

Hola negra! (Hello Black)…Hola mi negita! (Hello my blackie)…Hola mi gordo! (Hello Fattie)…Hola Gringo! (Hello Foreigner), and many more, all terms regularly used here in Colombia, accepted, and not considered insulting, and yet in the UK and Europe they are not only considered politically incorrect, it is an offence to use them, punishable in theContinue reading “Colombian Culture, Right or Wrong?”

Colombian Income Tax

It looks like my Accountant dug into her bag of tricks and came up trumps again. Another year with zero payment, but only because she has been able to use Marcela\’s tax history to my advantage as my dependent, for this year! If not I would have had to pay $2.000.000 COP. This still hasContinue reading “Colombian Income Tax”