All Quiet

It\’s all quiet on the Western Front, we went to the meeting at the Inspeccion de la Policia, and to \’resolve\’ the problem , they bound everyone over to keep the peace, which is fine by me, but the other family were not so happy, as two of them were there, and they were toldContinue reading “All Quiet”

Ever Get That Shaking Feeling?

Yesterday turned out to be an interesting day, after the snake incident, Marcela was not that keen on coming home, after her previous close encounter, but she did eventually, in the middle of a Tropical Storm! We then decided to watch a movie, by this time it was getting on for 8pm, we watch theseContinue reading “Ever Get That Shaking Feeling?”


Yesterday, we headed over to Bello, and picked up the security camera, on the way we saw that we were going to be out a long time, the flow of traffic on the autopista in the homebound direction, was static, which only meant one thing, a fatal accident! From Bello it was back to NiquiaContinue reading “Bummer!”

It\’s gone very quiet!

Back to early rises again! took Pépe for his walk at 5.40am, and it was weird, I could not see Copacabana down in the vally, it was below the cloud. It\’s down there somewhere! Back home, and I decided that I would complete my final project today, that would tidy up the garden, after thatContinue reading “It\’s gone very quiet!”