Local Excitement

Goodness me, the Authorities have finally found their way to our area! On Wednesday, Transito (Municipal unarmed Traffic Police) were outside, trying to sort out the parking problems, caused by neighbours,  not very well I might add, they need lessons in parking themselves, as their pick-up was parked about a meter from the kerb, andContinue reading “Local Excitement”

Good to be Working Again!

Wednesday, I hitched up the trailer, and true to form, the lights weren\’t working, I must have spent half an hour or more trying to resolve the problem, usually it\’s the earth wire, but not this time. I decided to take the risk, if I was stopped by Transito (Traffic Police), it could end upContinue reading “Good to be Working Again!”

Not the Best of Days!

Since having the new exhaust fitted, there has been an awful smell in the car, at first I thought it was the paint and chemicals burning off the exhaust, but it became obvious that the smell was petrol based, and I started to worry. There was no obvious sign of a leak, but on Friday,Continue reading “Not the Best of Days!”

I\’m Going to Scream…

A while back, I posted that I had received notification that I had been caught violating \’Pico y Placa\’, the law that prohibits the use of vehicles on certain days, depending on the last number of your registration plate, this despite my Montero being exempt due to the gas conversion installed. I went to theContinue reading “I\’m Going to Scream…”

Active Week

My niece, Catherine is seventeen today, and also has her first Driving Lesson booked, Happy Birthday Cath, have a Great Day! love from the both of us, and good luck with the lesson, I hope the town was given plenty of warning! 😀 Pépe has decided it is time to try his luck! after hisContinue reading “Active Week”