Another Year Passes

Yesterday, February 19th, was our seventh wedding anniversary, where does the time go? it has flown, it certainly doesn\’t feel that long. So last night we went to one of our favourite Restaurants, Guadaloupe, in Bello, as the name suggests it is Mexican, the food is fantastic, good quantities, and we have never had aContinue reading “Another Year Passes”

Another Failure…Forcing More Work!

Friday, I took the trailer and went to Homecenter, I wanted a sheet of hardboard and to replenish my 2×4 stock, but they only had two lengths of 2×4 that didn\’t look like an imitation banana, so I added a 3×2 as well, but I needed a cart for carrying timber, and they all seemedContinue reading “Another Failure…Forcing More Work!”

Good to be Working Again!

Wednesday, I hitched up the trailer, and true to form, the lights weren\’t working, I must have spent half an hour or more trying to resolve the problem, usually it\’s the earth wire, but not this time. I decided to take the risk, if I was stopped by Transito (Traffic Police), it could end upContinue reading “Good to be Working Again!”

Trailer Maintenance

This is definitely not going as I had hoped, I had the intention of removing the sides in one piece, and restoring then, but after I had undone the nuts, I found, the trailer had not been built to be maintained!… sounds stupid, I know, but it\’s correct.  The sides have been bolted to theContinue reading “Trailer Maintenance”

Little by Little!

My health seems to be keeping me out of action, for the forseeable future anyway, there is a light on the horizon, as I have actually made some progress with my spine, also the Orthopaedic Surgeon has decided that he is going to operate on my knee, once my back is sorted out, it isContinue reading “Little by Little!”

Trailer gone, Septic Tank covered!

Well, at least we finally went on the right day, we arrived at the Medical Centre at 8am for the 8.15 appointment to hear them calling my name, not correctly, as usual it was \”Philip Richard\”, Colombians can not understand people who only have one surname, here they all take the name of their FatherContinue reading “Trailer gone, Septic Tank covered!”

What a Plonker!

Well, I topped myself up to the hairline with water last night, spent most of the night as anticipated, and woke finally at 4.30am, got up at 5.30am prepared what had to be taken with me, after drinking all that water, then had a shower, and took Pépe for his walk. On my return, IContinue reading “What a Plonker!”

Here, there, and everywhere!

Yesterday, I spent a few hours painting… white this time, I painted two of the four interior workshop walls twice, first with thin paint, which soon soaked into the render, and when that had dried, I used a good quality paint, and they look good. I had to stop twice, the first time because oneContinue reading “Here, there, and everywhere!”