Bye Bye Baby!

Yesterday, I finally said good bye to my Montero with some sadness, yes over the last four years she has cost me some money, but considering she was 23 years old, I had developed an affection for her…don\’t tell Marcela! I went over to the shop at 9am, and met with the buyer and hisContinue reading “Bye Bye Baby!”

\’New\’ Car

Tuesday, I had to be in Medellin for a 7am skin cancer appointment, yet again, I was hoping that I was about to be discharged, but the Dermatologist found that the mole he had been watching has grown, to the size, he can no longer remove it in his Clinic, I am going to haveContinue reading “\’New\’ Car”

Wasted Day!

Set the alarm for 5.30am to walk Pépe, but true to form I was awake 20 minutes earlier, 6am I woke Marcela, and she set off in the car, I followed on the bike, we left the car with Umberto to have the tow bar fitted, and went for an empanada and tinto, before headingContinue reading “Wasted Day!”

Qué Día!!

This morning we were out at the crack of dawn again, firstly we had to go to Marcela\’s Office, I think this is her last visit before finishing, but you can never be sure! It took us double the normal time to get there, because there had been a number of accidents and the roadsContinue reading “Qué Día!!”