It took a day or two!

It has been a couple of days of ups and downs, it started with the downs, because Tito didn\’t want anything to do with Pépe, and was very jealous, if Pépe came anywhere near us, he went for him, and likewise feeding time, poor old Pépe didn\’t stand a chance! By Friday things were gettingContinue reading “It took a day or two!”

A day on and off the Bike!

Yesterday it was an early start, I had to take the motorbike for a service to comply with the guarantee, I haven\’t used it much since the last one, so I wasn\’t that happy, and to top it off it was raining. Fortunately the Mechanic decided the oil was still \’new\’ so just checked theContinue reading “A day on and off the Bike!”

Catch Up

I took the Blog off the open internet on Saturday, I thought it was about time we had a life much like everyone else…private, after nearly three years it was time to call it a day, I thought I might regret it, but other than, stopping myself going to the Blog everytime we do something,Continue reading “Catch Up”