Something Went Right For A Change.

Having worried about the water leak in the bathroom, and wondering whether it would be a better idea to get a Professional in, I thought about most Colombian Professionals, and decided I could do it myself! So after Marcela had left for work, I removed the bathroom sink, before I damaged it, and then cleanedContinue reading “Something Went Right For A Change.”

Not one of my better days!

I was feeling a bit rough when I arrived at the finca to work this morning, I put it down to a case of man-flu, and battled on. The shower rooms upstairs are a pain in the backside, the entrance to them, is too small for a standard door, and I thought I had resolvedContinue reading “Not one of my better days!”

One day closer!

Out early again this morning, had to call and buy more fittings, and whilst there, found some more roller blinds. Then on to work! the first thing was to connect up the fittings for the oven and hob, which will run on propane cylinders, I don\’t know what the problem was, but my gas blow-lampContinue reading “One day closer!”

And I thought it would be quiet!

Yesterday, on our way home from the city we passed what we thought was a recent accident, there were flashing lights everywhere, although it was in the opposite carriageway, our side was crammed with parked vehicles from people stopping and getting out to gawp! Today, we found out that it was not an accident atContinue reading “And I thought it would be quiet!”