Another job completed!

The new building alongside us is nearly finished, The law states that windows within 3m of your fence line have to be fitted with obscure glass, they can open for air, but not have line of sight, unless they are 1.6m above floor level, this left us with a dilemma because although there is noContinue reading “Another job completed!”

Another damp day!

An early report today, it is only 2.20pm, and 20 minutes ago the heavens opened…again! so there will be nothing else happening today. I got up this morning after a horrific storm last night, all night, I was sat here thinking, thank goodness, at least this roof doesn\’t leak, then I went into my bathroom,Continue reading “Another damp day!”

Thank God that\’s over!

Not long after my last post, I suddenly felt as if I was living in a freezer, it came on like the flick of a switch, with no warning, I went straight to bed, but I was freezing, and thirsty at the same time, consequently, drinking water all the time, I didn\’t sleep, because IContinue reading “Thank God that\’s over!”