Damn it\’s Cold!

Work on the house continues, the floor is nearly finished, although I haven\’t got a photo of the current stage, this will give you some idea. The inside of the house is freezing at the moment, there is no glass in the windows, as the frames are all steel, and the glass was taken outContinue reading “Damn it\’s Cold!”

All Change!

Work has continued at a pace, despite all the rain…well, it is winter here, and we have not had the required amount of rain to avoid water shortages next summer, which should start next month, so even though it has slowed up work, it has been welcomed. On Friday, Jaime decided they needed to moveContinue reading “All Change!”

Noisy Week-End

We are both knackered this morning, there are people in the Finca de Recreo alongside us, and our walls were rattling all night!  Marcela spoke with the Police at 11.30pm, asking if they would visit at some time when in the area, she also sent a message to the Secretaría de Gobierno de Copacabana, butContinue reading “Noisy Week-End”