Driving in Colombia

I keep returning to this subject, it is one of my pet hates, and that is the standard of driving in Colombia, it is appalling! The Government blame Drivers of all vehicles, but it is the Government that issue the Licenses, they issue them like confetti, with no regard to the drivers they give themContinue reading “Driving in Colombia”

Happy Birthday Brother

Before I forget, I will just wish my Brother David a very Happy Birthday, I did phone but he was at work, it will now be over, due to the six hour time difference, but the thought was there. Tuesday, I went for my early medical test, we left on time, but it took longerContinue reading “Happy Birthday Brother”

To Drive or Not to Drive!

After 30 years in the UK Police I thought I had seen just about every bad bit of driving that was on offer…Boy was I wrong! I have been in Colombia now for 20 months, and I have adapted to Colombian driving, they are not just aggressive, many are just dangerous, and one has toContinue reading “To Drive or Not to Drive!”