The day started well enough!

Yesterday, we spent nearly all day out, it didn\’t start too well, I didn\’t take Pépe for his walk, because it was chucking it down, and when we left at 9am, we found that a dog or dogs had dug out a huge hole in the roadside flower border, most of the earth was inContinue reading “The day started well enough!”

The saga continues…

This morning I took Pépe for his walk, and my hands were feeling much better, but my feet were still giving me gip… Back, and after his breakfast and my coffee, it was time to start painting, as I have a roller shutter door on the workshop, it is nearly always open, and I keepContinue reading “The saga continues…”

Thank God that\’s over!

Not long after my last post, I suddenly felt as if I was living in a freezer, it came on like the flick of a switch, with no warning, I went straight to bed, but I was freezing, and thirsty at the same time, consequently, drinking water all the time, I didn\’t sleep, because IContinue reading “Thank God that\’s over!”


There was not much to report yesterday, I woke after torrential storms overnight, to find the cover of the swimming pool full of water, so after taking Pépe for his walk, I started bailing out, and after 90 buckets, I decided this was a job for two, so went and woke the swimming pool Caretaker!Continue reading “Rain!!!”