End of an Era

 Last week I realised that the revision tecnico, equivalent to the UK\’s MOT on my Royal Enfield had run out the previous Sunday, So Wednesday being my day of freedom, I was outside the MOT Centre at 7am I was never in any doubt, but it passed with flying colours, however not without incident, becauseContinue reading “End of an Era”

No Peace for The Wicked

Yesterday morning we spent car hunting, the first was in the depths of a Mall multi-storey car park in Medellin, it turned out the seller ran a business from there, and advertised as a private seller, which put us on the back foot to start with. It was a 2010 Nissan X-Trail 2.2 TD, whichContinue reading “No Peace for The Wicked”

He\’s Pushing His Luck!

It was an early start today, I had to go into the City to collect some medication, they couldn\’t issue locally, I was dreading it, I have had to go there a number of times previously, Colsubsidio at AlmaCentro in Medellin, it was a horrible branch of the Pharmacy, but the main one, it wasContinue reading “He\’s Pushing His Luck!”

Not the best of Days!

Woke this morning, and prepared for my Dental appointment, which I had convinced myself was at 10.30am. I saw Marcela off to work, taking the Father-in-law with her, and returned to the Study, after a while, I happened to glance at the computer screen, where I keep my appointments, so that I wont forget them…Continue reading “Not the best of Days!”

Which way next?

This morning we were out on the Bike just before 9am, firstly we went and paid the deposit on the Kitchen, moving on from that, we stopped at a metal fabricators, to choose exterior doors. We have decided to stick with metal for the access doors from a security point of view. The main doorstairContinue reading “Which way next?”

The West moves South!

I was having my usual troll of the FaceBook content this morning when I did a double take, for there for all to see was an advert by \’Ambulance Chasers\’, they have finally come to Colombia, Solicitors that will make a claim for you, if you are involved in an accident. Accident Claims I thinkContinue reading “The West moves South!”